Decor trends you may expect to see in 2020

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Looking to upgrade your home with new decor trends? Then what can be better than starting it off at the commencement of the New Year or we should say the start of a new decade. We are almost about to enter yet another great year of our lives and what better way to start it off than decorating your house especially when you haven’t done it in years. Let’s start afresh and use some really refreshing, level upgrading and trendy methods to bring the change to your house and make it look every bit of modern and trendy following all the current decor trends.
From floral wallpaper to colored cabinets, there are so many other decor trends that are believed to dominate in 2020’s home decor trends. So without any further ado let’s know about a few of the decor trends that will take your decor game to another level.

Vintage accents are in

Vintage accents are one of such trends that always make a comeback sooner than anticipated. And this year its back again with a bang and you will be seeing a lot of these pieces vintage and traditional inspired detailings involving furnishing like spooled legs, spindles, etc. And the key to acing this trend perfectly is by incorporating just one or two of such statement pieces and not to go overboard with them. You can go for a set of dining chairs or even a side table for that matter. What matters is that the piece should look vintage.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper has been around for many years and quite honestly we have no solid reason not to love them. For some, it may be too soft or dramatic, but this year is all about flower-power so you better get used to the idea of the flowery feels. And when it comes to incorporating them into your house, there can be no better way than doing it in the form of wallpapers. However, you will be seeing these floral wallpapers in a more modernized version with pretty patterns. Bold colors, large scale flowers and what not, you will be seeing the flower wallpaper in all different forms.

Colored cabinets

Life is too short to have a boring kitchen. All-white kitchen may be the style you are inclined towards but it’s time for a change and adds a pop of color to otherwise a really dull kitchen. One of the most popular trends you will be witnessing this year is the colored kitchen cabinets. Leaving all-white kitchen trends behind in the game, this trend is here to stay. Cabinets are not the only thing you can experiment with, you can also go a little bold and daring by selecting kitchen island, wall cabinets or base cabinets in bright colors.

Navy blue

Navy blue is the color of the season and there’s no doubt that you will be seeing a lot of it this year. And the best thing about this color is it’s extremely versatile and sophisticated which can easily be paired with many different articles and pieces. Navy blue acts as a perfect contrasting element for both interior and exterior in different house styles like modern, traditional, contemporary, etc.  You can create an accent wall in your living room or bedroom using this shade and it will instantly add a new dramatic touch to your home interior.

Curved sofa

Furniture is one of the most important elements to consider while decorating a house and what can be a better start than buying a sofa. To hop on to the decor trend, curved sofas can be the safest bet for you. These vintage-inspired sofas bring us back to the era of the ’60s and ’70s and we aren’t complaining because they are here with a modern update that focuses on lines and curves.

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