Décor trends that demote your interior

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Not all trends are supposed to be followed. Trends are something that is great to experiment with and try but should be too serious about them and follow each and every trend. Try to experiment with the ones that can be easily undone and do not require much money to experiment with. Some of the trends are fun to work with while others can ruin the look of your house. Some of these trends when going down and out of style are disliked to the extreme by the people.

In order to not use any of the hated décor trends or to make sure you use the one that makes your place look stunning, we have made a list of décor trends to ignore and not try them at all as they can make your interior look bad and can demote the place.

Getting fake plants

People think that if they do not have time to tend to a real plant then instead of not having any plant, they can get some artificial plants that can add to the interior of the house. They may be easy to keep, you do not need to water them or take care of them but they do not look good in the house. You can easily distinguish between a fake and a real plant and the fake plant can make your place look tacky whereas a real plant will make your place look fresh and vibrant.

Putting carpet and covering the whole floor

One of the trends that can demote your interior to a new level. If you have a carpeted floor then this is a different issue but if you are putting a rug or a carpet on tiles or marbled floor and are covering the whole floor with it then this can be an issue. Covering the whole floor can make the room look small and you do not get the fluidity to add new things to the room. Let’s not forget about the number of germs and dirt that will get accumulated on the rug. Avoid placing a rug in a trafficked area of the house.

Plastic covers covering the furniture

You must have seen the furniture and other appliances in your house are covered with a plastic cover. These covers are used to protect the items from dust, dirt, and other things. For example, a plastic cover on a dining table protects it from food spills, drinks, and other stains that can ruin the table cloth. But this is no longer in fashion and can make your interior look bad. Not only do they not look good they can be uncomfortable to sit on.

Colorful bathroom fixtures

One of the trends that are no longer famous and people are more than happy to not use this style of décor is to have colorful bathrooms with all the appliances and fixtures of the same color. Would you like a blue bathroom or a green bathroom with everything from tiles to paint to sink to even the facets being the same color? People tend to get the same stuff and then when put together they do not work well. Try avoiding making the bathroom a place full of vibrant colors.

Words on the walls

You must have noticed some people have the tendency to put some motivational quotes on the wall all around the house. Some of the famous words are live, love, laugh or holiday season, family together, and many more. While some people love to put these in their house this can make the interior look a bit on the messy side. The trend to put these wordings on the wall is long forgotten. Your place should be cozy and comfy not something that looks like it is giving you messages whenever you move from one room to another.

Try to not use these décor trends if you want to make your house look stunning and trendy. These trends will not help in any way to enhance the look of the house. You can go for the timeless trends that are loved by everyone. The place you are going to decorate is the one you will reside and spend your time at. Make sure to make the place cozy and comfortable and have an essence of your personality to it. Create a nice space for yourself.

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