Decor ideas to create a happy bedroom space for kids

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Decorating a bedroom space is not as easy as it may sound, unless, you are very clear of what all elements and the theme you will be following to decorate it. While decorating an adult’s bedroom is a bit easier, whereas a kid’s bedroom is something that should not only be comfortable but should also be functional. Unlike an adult’s bedroom, a kid’s bedroom is supposed to feel happy and joyful space, where the kids can get to enjoy themselves playing inside the room with their toys as well as get to sleep on their comfortable beds during their sleep time. Whether looking for a makeover or decorating your kid’s newly furnished bedroom, there are some amazing ways of decorating space that is not only functional but will also make a happy space for your kids. To brief you about some of the ways of styling your kid’s bedroom, we have listed some genius tricks that can make space look joyful, comfortable, and super cute in no time.

Create a chalkboard wall

Kids at a young age tend to be a little notorious on the side, and they end up getting in trouble in one way or another. While they definitely can be a little notorious, but they are incredibly creative as well. And one of the best ways to showcase their creativity is by creating a chalkboard wall for them in their room. A chalkboard wall can be the best way to entertain your kids for hours and let them show their creative side by decorating the walls with the designs of their choice; the decorated wall will act as a wallpaper, which will help in reflecting your kid’s personal style.

Add a cute bed to the room.

The most important part of any bedroom is to have a super comfy and stylish bed. When it comes to the kid’s bedroom, a regular bed without having distinctive and whimsical elements to it won’t prove to be a great choice. Keep the neutral colors for the adult’s bedroom, for kids, adding colors, and many little elements to space is always the best choice. Whether you are opting for a bunk bed or a standout bed, make sure your kids feel comfortable enough to lie on the bed, because comfort should always be the first priority. A treehouse bed is one great option for you to consider, as it will instantly make your kid sleep on that bed even before you have asked him/her to do so.

Wall decals

If murals or wallpaper is not your thing or you cannot do so because of the rental property, then the best way of doing your kid’s bedroom is to opt for peel and stick decals that can instantly change the whole vibe of the room. The best thing about these decals are they can easily be removed off the walls, so whenever your kids get tired of the theme, you can always have the option to replace them with new ones. You can ask your kids to choose the decals and let them position the decals on the wall while being a helping hand.

Paint the walls with soothing colors

A bedroom should always be painted in a color that allows easy flow and creates a very soothing vibe in the space. Choosing paint colors in muted tones such as lavender, blue, mint, pink, etc. are great options for the bedroom to be painted in. Adding dark colors is another way of painting the bedroom, but it won’t help in creating an ease-to-sleep feel, like the one that some soothing colors can do.

Showcase your child’s artwork

Every kid loves doing artwork, and those masterpieces don’t deserve to be hidden somewhere in their closet or drawers. Showcase your kid’s creative side and flaunt those masterpieces by using them as a decoration piece. It is basically a kid’s take on the gallery wall that will feature their artwork. Tie a string wire on the wall of the bedroom and hang all the drawings, artwork, and any other creative piece done by your child. It is the most inexpensive way of decorating your child’s space and motivate them to be creative with their mind.

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