Decor essentials to nullify monotonous look of the dorm room

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Decorating your dorm room can be fun as well as a little challenging task because you aren’t given a lot of free space to work with. Ideally, the room isn’t fully yours, but that doesn’t mean you will let it appear boring and not cute. With a few tweaks, aka with the help of a few key pieces, you can transform it into space that feels more like you and also a stylish one. Changing the decor of the room can do a lot of good to the overall appearance of the dorm, and all you will need is some decor essentials to begin the transformation process. We have made a list of 5 key essentials that will prepare you and your room for the school year.

A comfy and cute chair

Besides your bed and the desk chair, you will need a spot to lounge around in your dorm room. And it surely has to be super comfy and incredibly chic chair to add a sense of style and cutesy look to the room. And what else can be a better option than a plush chair covered in a super snugly and cozy faux fur material? It is one sure way to add a certain appeal to your room and make it a lounging area in your dorm. For extra punch, you can use a throw pillow and blanket for that comfy feeling. We have made a list of 5 key essentials that will prepare you and your room for the school year.

Fairy string lights

For that whimsical vibe, a few strings of fairy light will add magical appeal to your room and lit it up like nothing else. These fairy lights look extremely cute and pretty, which can be used in multiple ways. You can either hang it on the wall in a semi-circular shape or you can make it work by scattering it around your headboard. You can be more creative with these delicate wire-strung lights for that extra appeal and striking element. For instance, you can put it into a glass bottle and then put it aside your study table or side table for the charming appeal.

Fun throw pillows

While in a dorm, there’s nothing really much that you can do to the room except for your bed of course because that’s the only spot which is fully yours and you can modify it any way you like, so what can be better way to add some exciting element to your dorm room than incorporating some fun and colorful throw pillows? These pillows can be an excellent way to add colors and personality to the room without dominating anything in the most apt way. Pop bright colors and beautifully designed patterns will add a dash of style to the room. You can also add some throw blankets to complete your bedding.

Leaning mirror

Well, of course, we couldn’t miss out on listing this here because no room can be complete without a mirror. A full-length mirror allows you to have a full and better view of your outfit and makes your morning even better. Leaning mirrors have a distinct appeal to them, and they help to add some character and depth to the room, which is why they can prove to be a great choice for the dorm room. You can look for mirrors that serve double duty and can be utilized as storage space to hang a few of your clothes like caps, scarves, jackets, etc. You can find them in a variety of options; pick a style that matches your vibe.

A cute lamp

For all late-night study sessions, you will need to have that extra lighting by your side, and that is what a bedside lampshade will be doing for you. Besides being an extremely functional piece, it can also help in boosting the cute factor in your dorm, completing your room in a way nothing else could have done. Look for a tiny lampshade with striking and adoring elements that instantly grabs the attention.

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