Creating space in the small laundry room

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When it comes to the laundry room, people not only take the design and decor into consideration but also look into the functionality of the space so that you can easily clean and dry your clothes in there. You would be working in a limited space where you need to create space for dirty clothes, your washing machine, dryer, detergents, and other cleaning materials you would be needing, some area to put your clean clothes so that they can air dry for some time. Usually, the area assigned to the laundry room is quite less and thus you need to make sure that you utilize the area in such a manner that you have space for everything.


Here are some of the ways you can create space and area in your small laundry room.

1: Create some customized cabinets

Laundry rooms might come with or might not come with cabinets. You can add some extra space in the room with the help of some cabinets. These cabinets can help you by providing you space to put some of your cleanings items such as detergents, fabric softener, bleach, disinfectant, and other things. You can also use these cabinets placed here to store other things as well. This is will help you put things away and not on the floor or together in the corner of the room. This helps in keeping the room looking better and cleaner.

2: Add a hanging rod

Use the space available over your head and put it to good use. One of the new and unique ways you can use the overhead space is by installing some hanging rods for the clothes. These rods are can be of different types. You can get the one that is installed on the wall and you can put the clothes on a hanger and then onto the rod for them to air dry for some time. You can get the one that you need to pull from the ceiling and then you can hang clothes on the rod.

3: Natural light to create spacious illusion

One of the easiest ways to make the room spacious and brighter is by using the right amount of lighting in the room. If your room is small and you wish to make the room look and feel spacious then you should have some natural light in the room. Here in the laundry room too, you should have some windows so that the room can get a good amount of light so that the room can feel bigger. Windows and natural light provide an illusion of a better area and spacious room.

4: Using the vertical space

There is a lot of vertical space in the form of walls in a laundry room that can be utilized easily and that can create extra space in the room. You can create some extra shelves on the space available over the door. You can create some shelves on the wall or can put some hangers to hang some clothes on. You can utilize the space available to you in different ways to create some extra area.

5: Stacking the dryer and washer

If you have two different machines, one as a washing machine and one dryer then you might be needing space when putting them together. If you do not have that much space available to you, you can simply just stack the two machines on one another. You can stack the dryer on the washing machine and can reduce the space used in the laundry room. You can also cover the said machines with a door so that you can hide the part if you do not have an assigned laundry room in your house.


You can create some extra space using the above-mentioned tips. These tips are not only useful when it comes to the laundry room but you can also use some of them in other areas where you need extra space. You can also look for some other tips which can help you in creating space and in placing and installing things in a better manner to make the room look spacious and comfortable for you to move around and work properly.


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