Creating a VSCO-Inspired Aesthetic Bedroom

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VSCO gained its popularity a lot of time back and is there in the industry. This became famous due to a mobile application of the same name. You can see the aesthetic ruling in the fashion industry with the youth styling themselves with the elements in the style. Not only the fashion industry but the decor industry has this new style as well. There are a lot of people who are using this style to decorate their rooms. You do not need to have something extravagant in this style. This is all about expressing yourself through your room. Just as the VSCO-inspired fashion where people wear oversized scrunchies, a number of bracelets, colorful clothes, and other things to be expressive. Here are some of the things that you can add to your room to create a VSCO-inspired bedroom.

Making a Bedroom with a VSCO-Inspired Look

1: Picture Collage

In order to create a VSCO bedroom, you can go with a photo collage. You need to select a wall and cover it with all the different photos, posters, and other things that you would like to put on the wall. This will create a cute photo collage on the wall. This will decorate the wall and at the same time would help in elevating the look of the room. This is a DIY project that you can customize yourself and can add as many pictures of whoever you want to.

Picture Collage

2: Fairy Lights With Polaroid Shots

If not a wall collage, you can go with the polaroids. Polaroid photos and camera is a great element in the VSCO aesthetic. People love taking these polaroid pictures and keeping them as memories. You can decorate your room with these pictures. You can decorate the space with some fairy lights with wooden clips that can hold the pictures and thus place them on the wall. Create your own style of decor with these fairy lights and polaroid pictures.

Fairy Lights With Polaroid Shots

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3: Macrame

Macrame is a great way to enhance any space. They add a new color and texture to the room along with a cozy vibe. This is also one of the great elements that you can add to a VSCO aesthetic and create a wonderful style in the room. There are several ways to add one. You can get one from stores, or online sites, or can even try and make one yourself. There are many macrame products that you can add to your room.


4: Floating Shelves

Let go of the old, traditional shelves and say hello to these stunning floating shelves. These shelves add more style to the room. You can put things there that would add more to your VSCO styles such as small plants or letter signs. Here are several other things that you can add to these shelves and there are seral places in the room where you can place them at. You can place them beside the tv, bed, above your desk, etc.

Floating Shelves

5: Sheer Curtains

Let’s add some softness to the place with the help of these sheer curtains. These curtains are soft and translucent and thus create a magical vibe to the place when the sunlight hits these curtains. You can install them on the windows or can place them in other parts of the room. You can install them behind your bed or can cover the bed with these curtains. You need to install them in places that would either have natural sunlight on the place where it can be a nice focal point.

Sheer Curtains

Now you have some idea as to how you can change your room and transform it into a nice VSCO bedroom. There are so many elements that you can add to the room and even in your fashion to be the one that has this aesthetic. This is soothing and has a fun aesthetic to style. This is a cute and simple style that can be added to the room with the help of some elements such as those mentioned in the list above. What are you waiting for? Go and get yourself all the things that would be needed and adorn your room with them. Create a soothing and cute room that would represent you.

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