Cozy up your bedding with these fabulous ideas

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What is your ideal depiction of a cozy bedroom? Maybe, a place where you can get to relax, feel comfortable, and get to have a good night’s sleep, right? Well, that can be true if you have set the right mood and vibe in your bedroom. While the decor and other furnishing pieces do the most of the job, but your bedding is what brings the whole room together and creates the right mood and vibe in it. Your bedding is an important part of your bedroom, not only in terms of aesthetic but comfort and coziness as well. It is a perfect way of adding colors, textures, patterns, and comfort to space and make it feel like the way a bedroom is supposed to feel. But choosing the right pieces for your bedding is an extremely important step in order to create a cozy space. From colors to styles, everything should be selected, keeping the cozy factor in mind. And to guide you through that only, we are here to help you out. There are some really amazing ways and ideas that can help you to create a cozy space for yourself. Keep on reading to know about them all.

Opt for jewel tones

Set the mood right by adding jewel tones to your bedroom. It helps in giving your space a very glamorous and fancy feel. By following a particular color scheme, you can easily add some character and charm to your bedroom whilst giving your bedding a very soft and cozy feeling at the same time. For instance, a combination of teal and fuschia together go hand in hand. Adding some elements from this particular color scheme will not only bring jewel tone to space but will also cozy up your bedding like nobody else. Mix these colors with beautiful prints and patterns, for example, a floral and animal print will go pretty amazing with this color scheme.

Look for sheets and comforters with unique edging

Your sheets and comforter are the best things to make your bed feel more cozy and comfy. While basic white-colored bedspread looks pretty amazing in itself but opting for sheets or comforter that has unique edging or trims to it can help in adding more character to space. Any kind of trimming would work as long as it does the needful and give your bedding a tasteful touch and vibe. Scalloped edges or ribbon trimming would make for an excellent choice when it comes to choosing amongst the many varieties.

Select the timeless color combination

Color combinations that are timeless will be an excellent choice for you to add to your bedroom. Investing in a quality bedding that too, in a timeless color combination will serve you for years and years. An evergreen color combination of green and white is a very soothing, calm, and cozy choice that will never go out of style and trend. Such a color combination gives the room a very natural and relaxed feeling making space appear more welcoming and comforting.

Add fun and quirky throw blanket on your bed

Throw pieces are always the best way of adding some colors, textures, patterns, and style to space. And when it comes to creating a cozy space for yourself, there can be no better option than a throw blanket. Opt for a cozy and chunky blanket that has a unique detailing to it. A blanket with large tassels at the end will make for a perfect choice as it will help in lending a quirky and playful vibe to the room.

Velvet can be your go-to fabric

The fabric of the bedding plays an important role in creating the right mood and vibe in the room. When it comes to throw blankets, velvet helps in adding a luxurious feel to the room and makes it appear very tasteful and fancy. You can opt for any color of your choice, but opting for colors that can add liveliness and cheerful vibes to the bedding will be an ideal choice. A rich navy blue colored blanket is the perfect example of a sophisticated yet lively color tone.

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