Convert nursery into a toddler room in these easy steps

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Time flies really fast especially when it comes to your sweet baby, one second he/she is all snuggled up in your arms and the other second he/she has become a full-blown, fiercely independent yet incredibly mischievous toddler. The journey of you from becoming a mother to a baby to now a fully grown toddler is something that remains very close to your heart in the form of memories but with that also comes the responsibility of converting your nursery into a toddler room. While your toddler is busy mastering the art of walking, talking and running, you can invest that time to transition the nursery into a toddler room with a few things.

Toddler bed

One of the first things you would want to consider while transitioning your nursery into a toddler room is changing the bed. A loud thud in the night is one of the first signs of your child outgrowing the crib or climbing out of it which is something that can be really stressful. If your kid is somewhere between 12-18 months old, and he/she often tries to climb out of the crib then it’s time to transition the crib into a toddler bed. There are some crib options that come with an optional toddler rail kit and consist of removing one side crib rail which can be replaced with a low safety rail. You can also opt for a freestanding toddler bed that stays low to the ground and it’s easier and safe for your toddler to get off the bed.


Now that your toddler has probably outgrown the crib, it means that you will be needing some additional bedding. You can purchase some toddler-sized sheets, pillows, and blankets to add to your toddler’s bed or crib for that perfect bedding. You can buy a particular themed bedding set that your toddler loves like a cartoon character, an animal, or anything that he/she finds fascinating.

Repurpose the changing table area

By the time your baby becomes a toddler, most of the parents like to potty train them. And if you are fortunate enough and have already potty trained your baby then you probably won’t be needing that diaper changing table anymore. And even if you are not quite there, you can also change the diapers on the bed. By getting rid of that changing table that was occupying the space on a dresser, you can repurpose it by placing some items on it such as books, toys, a baby monitor or anything you want to place on it.

Make way for floor space

Now that your toddler has probably started crawling, walking and running, the room will require any kind of free space that he/she can get to explore and play safely around the room. If there are certain things in the nursery that are occupying unnecessary space in it, then it’s the best time for you to get rid of it. For instance, if you still have the rocking chair and an ottoman lying in one corner of the room then you should get rid of it. The more access your little one has to the toys, the more independently he/she can play.

Reorganize things accordingly

Your little is not so little now and he/she might do all the things on their own including dressing up and putting away all the toys and every other item littered on the floor. Letting your toddler do things on their own won’t only make them feel very proud but will also make them more independent. So you can consider organizing things in a way that it’s easier for your toddler to reach for things. If your toddler likes to dress himself/herself up then you can arrange their closet accordingly by hanging the seasonal clothes on lower shelves or putting them in lower drawers. Just organize them in a way so that your toddler can easily access what he/she needs. Similarly, you can place some bins, baskets in the room filled with toys so that every time they play it’s easier for them to access and also to put them back during the cleanup time.

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