Contemporary bed styles to amp your room

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The essence of any room lies in its furniture like bed and side tables, decorative corners and stylish themes. If you are acing in all these factors, it means that you have styled your room perfectly. While choosing the type of bed for your space, it is important to understand the size of the room and the theme you want to showcase. Whether it should be a royal look or a cute look, you have to decide it and then make apt choices. Look out for the following bed types and choose them to amp your bedroom in the best way possible!

An elegant Four-poster bed

This bed is one of the most luxurious and elegant beds ever created. If you are looking for something that will give you the ultimate royal feel, then this is it. Looking at this bed alone has the ability to make you feel like you are in a contented and luxurious space. This four-poster bed, as the name suggests, has four pillars on each corner that stand in glory to represent a historic vibe. These four pillars showcase a European vibe and enhance the look of the overall bed. Because of this feature, the bed looks even bigger than its actual size. Usually made from wood material, this bed is an epitome of royalty and prestige. You can hang sheer curtains connected with the pillar to create a closed atmosphere for yourself. This bed looks extremely gorgeous in bigger rooms where there is ample space.

A spacious box bed

Simple in design but mind-blowing in utility, this box bed is the most sought-after pick for every house. This box bed is preferred for its utility factor and is one of the most common beds used in any space. With a box-like feature beneath the board to accommodate all your essentials, this box bed is definitely a great choice. It provides ample space to store all your goods and important things which otherwise might not find a good space in the house. You can keep your blankets and sheets in there. Those who do not like to give a contemporary look to the house and believe in a traditional look, this one will justify all your wants. If you want to keep the look simple, add a stylish headboard to it and you’re done!

A stylish Canopy bed

Doing total justice to its name, a canopy bed has a lot of admirers and looks ultra-gorgeous wherever it is placed. In a canopy bed, you will feel self-sufficient and royal because it has a very fuller look. Originally, they were intended to provide privacy and warmth to anyone sleeping in this bed. This is because the features include four posters on each side with fabric draped over the top creating a roof as well. The sides are also covered with a sheer or opaque fabric for privacy. Another thing about this bed is that you can actually add accessories like tassels to the curtains to create a dramatic look. With this canopy bed, you can make your room look like a king-sized one and bring out the best decor theme ever.

A Cute Bunker bed

This bedding style is, particularly for children. This bunker bed is one of the most adorable picks ever. No matter what anyone says, this bed will not go out of style. This bunker bed has a lot of charm to it and attracts adults too. One bed over the other adjoined with strong pillars, it takes very little space and makes room for more than one person. Where there are space constraints, this bed is used to create a spacious room. This kind of bed comes in a variety of designs and colors. You can pick it in the most vibrant and vivid colors or prints and patterns to create a playful look to your room. The ladder on the side is also a cute feature.

Utility Sofa-cum-bed

A perfect two-in-one bed for all those who love modern furniture. The best thing about this kind of bedding is that it can be used as and when required. Investing in this multi-utility bed is a win-win situation because it will never disappoint you. Even if you are using it as a bed and do not get to use this as a sofa, it will not be a disappointment because the utility factor is there, anyway. You can easily turn this one into a bed or a sofa according to your needs and make space for a contemporary look of your house. Pick them in foam-based structures or wooden base- whatever you like.

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