Color blocking ideas for a vibrant and happy space

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Trends can easily become outdated, especially when it comes to home decor. Over the years, any house starts to look pretty blah, and that’s because of the boringness and the same decor existing for years. Every interior designer suggests that one should decorate their house every once in 4 years to keep things interesting and exciting and also to stay up to date with the current trends. If you have been contemplating to give your house a makeover, then color blocking may be just the right choice for you as it is not only one of the hottest trends but is also a great way to up your decor game and spruce up a few things at your home to add fun and cheery element to the space.

Color blocking is all about pairing two different hues to make a statement, and it may be a bold choice for some, but it definitely won’t disappoint you with how amazingly fabulous it looks. And it doesn’t have to be bold necessarily; it can also be incorporated in a more sophisticated, fun and unique way. If you are convinced of this idea, then you should also know what will be the best ways to incorporate color blocking into your space to make it feel more lively and full of energy.

Incorporate color block theme to your walls

If you are not scared to experiment with this decor theme, then color blocking your walls might be the best thing that you can do to your house. It may feel a little too dramatic, but the outcome will surely be impressive enough to make a statement. Take two contrasting shades, and paint the walls with those colors, one on the ceiling and the other on the walls. Doing so will add a splash of colors to your room, making it feel more cheerful and lively. Finish off the room by adding decor pieces of similar shades. You can take color inspiration from almost anything and everything, for instance, getting inspired by the colors in your artwork will add a whole new level of cohesiveness and aesthetic appeal to the room.

Use color-blocked curtains

If painting the walls isn’t really your thing or may feel too dramatic to you, then using color-blocked curtains might be the easiest choice for you. And mind you, don’t be under the impression that curtains don’t play any role in tying the room together. Well, they certainly play a bigger role and can easily make or break a room with its appearance. You can either get a color-blocked fabric from the stores or you can choose to DIY your old curtain by attaching a contrasting piece of fabric to its lower half. With your curtains looking bold, it will be wise to keep the walls neutral.

Add colorful pillows

This might be the easiest way of doing color blocking, as you will just require a set of pillows in two different shades. And quite honestly, they will be sufficient enough to bring the change and make your space appear more colorful and exciting. This method will be put best to use if you have a plain sofa in your living room. You can pick a set of 2 different colored pillows in a contrasting shade to set against your sofa. It will help in adding colors and brightness to otherwise a dull room.

Make use of wall art.

From colorful paintings to quirky wall clocks, wall art is yet another way of introducing color blocking to the room. Besides that, you can also use many other different things to infuse the color block theme into your space. It is a very fun and interesting way of playing with colors and to make your walls appear more fashionable and trendy. Wall paintings as huge as your wall or a quirky and minimalist wall art pieces; either way, your wall is only going to look super chic.

Spruce up the decor of your table

Your table doesn’t have to look very color coordinated and orderly. You can also work up the decor of your table to change things a bit, and it is probably the best temporary solution you can incorporate into your house. Some decor pieces like table cloths and runners are the best way to display some colors on your table. Napkins can also be worked upon to change things a bit. However, just be sure the way you have arranged things complement each other nicely.

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