Clock Decor for Home

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Time is changing at a fast pace and we humans are coping up, never better than before. Who would have thought that a room necessity will grow into a decor item? Seeing the title you would have guessed it right by now that we are talking about clocks. Since the invention of clocks, they have been used to watch time. Gone are the days when all rooms at-home use to have a simple clock, now they are designed using fancy material. The clocks have become a style statement and people are spending a fortune on these devices, in order to bring uniqueness to their home. It is great how these casual things are evolving with the time, and providing an opportunity to people to define their personalities using a clock. Let’s see what, what can be done to improvise the look of your homerooms.


Peculiar Wall Clocks Wall Clocks

We have seen similar shapes of clocks hanging on walls in every home; they are either circular or a box-shaped or rectangular. Indeed they have been fitting nicely to every room but it’s time to experiment with a new look with the unusual clocks. These days you can see clocks in various shapes. They are inspired by the natural beauties. Butterflies, flowers, animals are a few examples of these clocks. Similarly, you can pick up a theme-based clock; suppose you want a clock for a kid’s room getting a watch resembling a tennis ball or a football can be wonderful. In the same manner, you can choose a color based theme, black, brown, golden are usual. Try blue, green, red, yellow, orange colors these will increase the brightness of the room.


Minimal Wall Clock

If you have recently become a fan of the latest trend which is minimalism then, you would have noticed that clocks are the part of this decoration. They are basic decor of homes and can cost you from nothing to something, totally depending upon your expenditure. The minimal clock designs are in white and black color; thereupon it is obvious they will suit any room and various infrastructures. They aren’t small rather huge and the only thing visible on a wall. The walls are left plain and a single large clock is placed in the center of it to gather attention and above all doesn’t make the room look vacant. You can try out 3D wall clocks in this pattern as they look stupefying, each digit popping out of the wall and the hands revolving around. This is the matter of painting the clock in the 3D effect, you can choose decorative hands designs if you like.


Study or Living Rooms clocks

A study room is a place to gather information if you work for a multinational company or you have foreign clients investing in your business then, this is what you must do. Placing different clocks on the wall in asymmetry from reflecting various time zones. Suppose you have clients in India, UK, Europe, Italy, etc and you have to keep a check of time in all these countries then placing 4-5 clocks on one wall showing different time can ease your work a little.
Globalization has spread acquaintance or families across the world. Contacting them from time to time could be difficult seeing the busy schedule of people these days. However, if you place the clocks in your living room and passing time watching TV, then the clock will remind you of your loved once and you can always make a call.


Vintage Clocks

Hanging a vintage piece in your living room or dining room can be a prominent conversation starter. Everyone appreciates the old times and admires you for preserving them for a long time. You can get a hanging clock in this manner or get an antique grandfather clock. Each design has its own style and own story. An oversized clock can be a part of this collection as earlier; people use to live in huge mansions. Similarly, old fashioned bell clock and telephone alarm clock add a luxury look to your home.

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