Choose a perfect bed to amp your bedroom

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to the word Bedroom? Of course, the bed. It is the focal point of the decor of your room, so getting it right is the most important thing to have a comfortable sleep. Choose the best possible thing you can as it is a long term investment, and you need to consider different sizes, styles, and other design elements. Keep everything coordinated to get the perfect bed for your space. Be extra careful if you have any personal issues like backache or something.

We have given some instructions that you should follow when buying a bed-

Choose the apt Bed Type

Pick the right kind of bed according to the overall theme of your room to have a cohesive look. This is the first thing to choose, and everything else would depend on it. Different types are-

Canopy Beds– These beds can be used in places with high ceilings as it includes a tall frame that is designed to hold curtains. It gives a nice architectural look to the room that appears to be super stylish.

Traditional Beds– This classic style of bed comes in a wide range of materials and works well with anything from standard box spring to a room inspired by transitional decor and even historical era. It typically features a footboard, headboard, and side rails.

Platform Beds– This super-modern style offers a sleek and trendy look to the contemporary homes. When combined with bunky boards or low profile boxes, they look marvelous.

Next comes the Bed Material

When you complete the process of choosing the bed type, the next thing that comes up in your mind is the material that your bed will be made of. Here are some of them to choose from-

Metal– This highly durable material can prove to be a good choice for modern and industrial places. You can also put them in eclectic, “shabby chic” rooms if you want. They give a sleek look to your space due to its clean fine lines.

Fabric Upholstery– Typically, the bedframe is made up of wood or metal, and is incorporated with different materials like velvet, faux leather, or suede to give it a plush finish. They give your bed a warm and cozy feel with a quilted, plump look.

Wood– This versatile material is the most popular choice that can be stained or painted in any color. You can have them with curved headboards or in clean, crisp lines.

Pick the Perfect Size

A thumb rule that is followed when considering the size of a bed is to choose the biggest one that will fit in your room. But be sure to leave enough space around it for windows, cupboards, and of course, to move in and out. Just don’t mess up.

These sizes are most commonly available-

Twin: 38″ x 75″, sleeps one

XL Twin: 38″ x 80″, sleeps one

Full: 53″ x75″, sleeps one or two

Queen: 60″ x 80″, sleeps two

King: 76″ x 80″, sleeps two

California King: 72″ x 84″, sleeps two

Choose the right headboard.

What do you do most often in your bed? Are you the one who tends to collapse in your bed for a sound sleep after a laborious day? Then a wood or metal headboard will be the perfect choice for you. You also have the freedom to pick one with slits or open grillwork.

Go for an upholstered headboard if you prefer to sit upon the bed to watch TV or read a book. They will give you a comfort feel like that of a soft couch. Invest in extra cushions to have a more snuggly feel.

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