Bring these colors to give an unexpected look to your home

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You can’t deny the fact that paint colors can help you to evoke a certain feel or vibe in a place. They can help you in giving a relaxing or entertaining look most easily. And if you carefully design it, and add furnishings and decor in tandem with the color, it would bring out the whole look spectacularly. As it is often said certain kitchen cabinet colors tend to encourage appetites, similarly, certain room paint colors can create a particular kind of feel. So pick the appropriate one in case you are in the mood to experiment this time. It happens that you don’t want to choose the classic colors, so think out of the box to create something that looks simply stunning. Don’t settle for anything less and use some inspirational ideas by taking tips from top decorators, architects, and designers. Incorporate distinct themes for different areas of your house to spruce up. Below we have given our top picks you can consider.

Newburyport Blue

You might agree with the point that blues tend to bring some good energy and vibe to a place. This can be the best pick if you are looking out to create an oceanic theme for your room. Bluish hues can bring life to the dullest spaces. The beauty it adds gives a certain kind of visual interest and it looks fabulous when combined with patterned walls. Incorporate a soothing element by not overdoing anything.


It is a sort of greenish shade that you certainly won’t get at any normal local store. This jewel-toned color represents richness and luxury and would provide your space with a unique style statement. It is not like you have to spend a lot if you want to incorporate this specific shade, as you can get a similar looking color at a lower price. Bring your home a relaxing vibe by using it appropriately on the ceilings and walls of your house. You can even splash a bit of color on the door if not the whole space to have that required coziness.

Ashwood Moss

Have a sophisticated look for your space by pairing up wood accents and gold hardware with a deep green color. It would look marvelous in your kitchen and make it look lavish. Though there might be other color options such as white or navy cabinets but green cabinets are the choices that would strike you the most. You won’t find rarely find this combination in any other kitchen space. Definitely try this if you want to have a standout look and want to set a trend.

Pink Swirl

Whenever you hear pink, a feminine feeling comes to your mind. But this is not the case always if you incorporate it in style. You would always imagine it in a children’s setup. But there is no hard and fast rule to do it like that. Pink is a kind of color that helps to bring in elegance and simplicity to space in the simplest way. Study even prove that pink can even feel mature and masculine, so don’t have a one-track mind.

Dark Burgundy

You might not agree, but a bold color adds an interesting element, in fact, it enhances it to a great extent. Dark Burgundy color might not be your top choice, but if you pay attention it will definitely grab it. It can make the place look all more bright and add drama to it. Bring in that lacking excitement by adding in places such as your dining room, kitchen, dressing space or library.

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