Best houseplants for your Bathroom

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Plants are that decorative piece which when added to a space instantly enlightens it up and makes the space more lively and airy. Today plants are not only limited to garden, there are also some of them which make for great indoor plants. Spaces like living room, bedroom, patio are considered to be the best spot for them due to the amount of lighting and attention they would get in there. However, some houseplants can also be placed inside your bathroom. No matter, what living conditions are in there like the amount of light present in the bathroom. There are some plants whose growth doesn’t get much affected by such factors and are of low-maintenance. But that doesn’t mean they won’t need any light, light is a major part of their life cycle as it helps them in conducting photosynthesis. However, there are some plants that can thrive in low light.

Adding plants to your bathroom is the best way to add some character and freshness to the space. Hang them in a pot or put them on shelves. These plants are very easy-peasy. So if you are looking to spruce up your bathroom with nice houseplants, take some idea with the list which we have formed below.


This succulent makes for a great house plant for the bathroom. It not only brightens up the space but also adds some character to it. The best thing about having this plant around the house is its medicinal properties. The gel of this plant can be used in many different ways. As it has various antioxidant and antibacterial properties that helps in a number of ways like treating scratches, improving skin texture, alleviating the burning pain, etc. so one needs to have this plant in their house, as it can come handy any time of the hour.

This plant thrives best in low-medium lighting and also need very little watering.


Another great example of a bathroom plant is a bamboo plant. As it is a water-loving plant and with the amount of moisture present in the bathroom, you wouldn’t need to worry about its water level. This plant thrives the best in no to low lighting. This can be placed in a small pot or container with water filled up to its roots. Or it can also be grown in soil.

Also, this plant is known to be very auspicious for the house as it attracts good fortune and wealth.


 This plant is a great example of those who adapt themselves to various conditions. This plant can thrive on little to no water for a long time. This plant is a big time humidity-lover and likes to stay at places that receive low or indirect lighting. Just remember not to place them in cold temperatures, as they cannot thrive in such conditions. However, if required they still can adapt themselves to different environments. Hence why they are termed as a flexible plant.

4. IVY

If you are dealing with a bathroom that doesn’t come up with a lot of space, then ivy can be your smartest option. You can easily put them in a hanging basket or place them on a shelf of your bathroom wall. The leaves trailing down from the basket looks very elegant and adds more character to the bathroom. Just like Chinese evergreen plants, this plant also enjoys high humidity levels. And a bathroom is a perfect option for them to be placed in. they can thrive in low to medium lighting.


Give yourself a luxurious feel by placing beautiful orchids in your bathroom. These are a perfect choice for those who like to add some flowery plants to their space. They don’t feel very overwhelming and doesn’t take a lot of space.

Since orchids are very tiny, you can bundle them up in one and place it in a vase or container to display them off. They thrive the best in medium to bright lighting. So place them in a spot that receives a decent amount of light.

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