Best flooring options for your Garage

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A garage is a place in your house that is quite simple and boring. And in case you are looking out to add some playfulness to it, then we recommend you to start with its floor. When you go for concrete slab garage floors, they prove to be functional as well make your place look attractive and comfortable at the same time just with a little extra effort. There are many options available to update your garage floor, making it all more confusing which way to go. So what you can do is divide the choices into two categories that would be based on coating and coverings.

Paint: A Coating Option

Do you know how can we coat the floor? Just apply a thin coat with the help of a roller or a brush. You can go for the paint option in case your garage floor is stained with grease, oil, rust. Apply a concrete floor paint that is either oil-based or latex-based. They are basically constituted from a non-slip, satin finish that is specially designed to be highly durable in case of heavy traffic. These paints are also quite resistive to damage from salts, solvents and other caustic materials. Some also add a small amount of epoxy resin to it that will make the whole finish harder and resistant to stains. Make sure that the paint you buy can be used on concrete floors as they perform excellently.

Epoxy: A Coating Option

Coatings adhere directly to the concrete floor slabs. Another great option in this category is the epoxy floor coatings. It is also regarded as a form of paint since it is also applied similarly like normal paint with paintbrushes and paint rollers. But if you look closely, the material is quite different both performance-wise as well as in case of its chemical composition. If we consider paint, it hardens through the process of evaporation and in case of epoxy coatings, it hardens if exposed to a chemical reaction. These are highly durable, long-lasting and attractive garage flooring options. Do not ever confuse it with “epoxy paint”. It is altogether different from this one.

Tiles: A Covering Option

Yes, you heard it right, you can cover your garage floor with the vinyl floor tiles like any other part of your house. You just need to make a little variation by using those tiles that are made from rigid or semi-rigid plastic, wood composite tiles or rubber. These variations form a slightly raised floor with interlocking edges. They have the required strength to support heavy vehicles. When a concrete slab is badly stained or cracked, then floor tiles can be the best option you can consider using. They also level out any amount of unevenness on the floor. When we talk about plastic garage floor tiles, they are mainly formed of PVC. While rubber tiles are something that provides you with interlocking facilities that are quite useful in playrooms in day centers, sports facilities, other locations. They also prove to be resilient and comfortable options for you.

Mats: A Covering Option

This is the last option that we are mentioning that will mark the end of our list. It is probably the easiest method that you can consider for your garage flooring. Just roll out mats made from polyvinyl plastic or rubber. Just like floor tiles, they can also be installed over concrete floors to cover up anything that is cracked or stained. They will also even out the surface like never before. Try to install mats that are made from easy-to-clean materials that provide enough resilience when you walk over it. These best flooring options are available in a variety of options. Some act as rugs and while others are textured.

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