Best Decor Ideas For Your Wall

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Wall décor forms a major part in the decoration of the house, having them bare looks too boring to even begin with. There are endless ways to decorate walls using different items, styles, and elements.

You just need to put that creative mind of yours to use, and you will come up with many décor ideas for your walls. From a gallery wall and big artwork to DIYs and wallpaper. Every style speaks of different vibe and languages.

We have rounded up a list of a few wall décor ideas that you will want to steal right away.


Even though having a gallery wall has become too mainstream, it has never gone out of style. Nothing can add more personality and character to the room like a gallery wall does. It brings such a huge impact on the room, no matter what your space looks like, a gallery wall can create magic. One doesn’t need to be skilled or perfectionist to achieve the right gallery wall. You can get it right by choosing frames of different shapes, colors, and sizes and then displaying photographs, artwork or any other art form via gallery wall. Also, It makes for an easy DIY.


If you are looking to create a space that feels open and bright, then nothing is better than hanging big mirrors on the walls. They help in reflecting light to the room giving an illusion of more space to it. It is easily achievable and makes for great wall décor. Also they are best used when you are dealing with a small space.


Stick it or paint it, murals on walls look very catchy. They not only add colors to the room but also reflect your personality in the best way. Sticking murals is easier to achieve than hand painting them as it requires lots of time and effort, but the end result will always be fruitful and satisfying in this case.

You can choose among many different themes and patterns of murals, whatever feels the best to you.


If you are not a sucker for gallery walls or tiny frames, then you always have the option to opt for a large scale art like a photograph or painting. It will grab all the right amount of attention in the room. From canvas to an oversized artwork, they look very visual and add colors and texture to the room.


Who said plants are only meant to be kept on windows or on the floors of your house. You can hang them or have them mounted on the wall to add some life and freshness to the walls. It is a great wall décor idea for all those nature lovers. They look very fancy and refreshing at the same time. And the best thing about them is that they are very easy to look after.


Going safe for wall décor is always the safest option, but some people like to experiment and think out of the box using their creativity levels.

If you are looking to create a space which feels very funky and exclusive, then you can never go wrong by hanging some unconventional items on the walls like a collection of hats, baskets, fancy china plates, etc. After all, what else can be a better way to display such a nice collection of yours to everybody. Also, They look very stylish and add a fun element to the room.


Nothing looks more aesthetic than a soft and designed fabric hanging on the wall. Frame it or hang it as it is on the wall, it is known to add colors and pattern to the space. This hack can definitely save you a lot of money from spending on otherwise expensive wall décor items. For an added effect, you can consider adding fairy light to it to give princessy vibes to the space.

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