Best 5 furniture trends you’ll see this year

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It’s not every day that you get a chance to revamp your home, and when you do, it should be done rightfully by considering all the factors, including the current trends. While we are all things love about some timeless and personal designs, but somehow the current trends always find ways to lure us into purchasing them. Whether scrolling through your Instagram feed or spotting them across Pinterest or on the pages of magazines, much like any other trend, furniture trends also manages to make their way into the world of social media and advertisements. And when we speak of furniture, there’s no secret that having the right piece of furniture can transform your room like nothing else. Whether you are into custom made creation or like to keep it simple with stylish options, it’s just about finding the right furniture that speaks and reflects your personal style and aesthetic. if you are contemplating to give your house a makeover then what can be a better way to give your house fresh updates than adding some new and trendier furniture pieces.

Every furniture trend holds different values and characters, making each piece the best in their own ways. However, we have rounded up a list of 5 top furniture trends which we believe are going to be quite big this year.

Natural elements

Get ready to spot more of natural materials when it comes to furniture. Making use of some natural elements like rattan, wicker or cane will help in creating a very warm environment, and these are the perfect representation of the boho lifestyle which is great for all the people who have incorporated boho theme into their house. As people are becoming more aware and proactive towards the safety and sustainability of the environment, more and more designs are being requested by the users with the inclusion of these natural elements that won’t only look stylish but are also earth-friendly.

Sculptural furniture

If multi-functional furniture weren’t enough, people are also going crazy over some unusual and unconventional looking furniture pieces, which is one of those trends that has seen rapid growth in its popularity and is believed to come out really strong this year. Bearing the unique appearance of the furniture in mind, people also want them to be of excellent quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable in nature. You will be spotting a lot of sculptural moments made out of textured and organic fabrics like boucle, canvas, sisal, natural wood, boiled wool, etc. One thing is for certain, adding such furniture to your space will instantly make your house look 10x trendier and cooler.

Curved sofa

The rectangular sofas are so last year; the current trend is all about soft romantic curved furniture, which is the resurgence of ’80s trend. Sofas aren’t the only piece of furniture that is welcoming this trend, but the armchairs, as well as the dining chairs, are also getting the taste of this current trend. It’s time to retire your old structured and rectilinear styled furniture and trade with some elegant and asymmetrically curved furniture pieces to create a soft environment.

Upholstered beds

Give your bedroom a chic flair by adding an upholstered bed to your space, whether in the form of a headboard or the whole bed, this trend is here to stay and will be staying for a while. You can easily cozy up your sleeping space by adding an upholstered bed of your dreams. You can find this trend in several different options, from different materials to different designs; upholstered beds are one sure way to add a dash of class and style to your bedroom.

Wooden material

Wooden material is believed to be one of those furniture materials that will be seeing a major boost in its popularity. And this is not only limited to furniture, wooden material could also be seen as a part of other furnishing pieces like floors, decoration of walls and structures in various finishes. Wood in dark tones might be the choice of material that will be trending this year.

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