Bathroom Tile designs to create a style statement

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Do you know which is the best way to decide what all trends you would like to include in your bathroom? It is by observing well-designed bathroom spaces and picking up the ideas you would like to incorporate in your space. Trends keep on evolving but it is on you how to make everything perfect and something that you would cherish.

And when it comes to bathroom tiles, the trends have been changing. From the well established white subway tiles, people have been slowly and steadily moving towards something that looks refreshing. So if you are too considering to update your bathroom this year, then we have picked the best bathroom tile trends for you. Keep reading the space to know which designs to skip and what to pick in tandem with the current styles.

Skip: A Horizontal Layout Try: A Vertical Layout

What is the main reason that we opt for horizontal tiles in our bathroom? It is due to the reason that they make a bathroom space look larger than its usual size. But if horizontal tiles give an elongated effect then a vertical layout gives the room an appearance of more height. They also help in making the vanities appear taller, especially when you pair them up with trendy floating sinks. Tuck the shower into a nook and the vertical tiles would make your space look more open and spacious.

Skip: Glossy Tiles Try: Matte

Glossy tiles are now in the past. Their value has been diminished over time and now the matte ones are taking their place. Glossy ones were famous due to the reason that they had a unique way of making a small place sparkle and shine. But to create a relaxing vibe for space, matte ones prove to be the best choice. It perfectly complements the natural light that enters the room and if you accompany them with glowing candles, it would look ravishing.

Skip: Monochrome Try: Pattern

If you are a person who likes to experiment with new designs and trends but afraid to do so to some extent, then the bathroom can be the right place to use your creativity. There have been plenty of monochrome bathrooms in the past, but with changing times, we need to incorporate something different. So why not try a pattern? Choose tiles with some graphic elements and give your bathroom a sleek and elegant look.

Skip: Rectangular Tiles Try: Hexagon Tiles 

The rectangular tiles look plain and boring. No doubt, they are the classic option everyone tends to pick, but now is the time to try something new and make your space playful in the most effortless way. Just make a little twist in the shape of the tile and put up them up in hexagon pieces. Shun the predictable rectangles bathroom tiles and give a new feel to your space without doing anything over the top. You can put them anywhere from the bathroom floor to the vanities. See how they will increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom and make it more modish.

Skip: White Subway Tiles Try: Shaped or Textured Tiles

No doubt, that white subway tiles are something that gives your place an evergreen and a timeless look. But there comes a time that you need to update it and pick something that works in tandem with the perennial trend. So choose white tiles but with some interesting textures and shapes. This minor change can completely update the look and finish of your bathroom.

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