Awesome Ceramic Décor For New Year

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Ceramics bring some portion of glam with them and they are so effortless in their outlook that the more you add them, the better the view! But you might wonder how much you can use them, especially when you have to showcase your best collection during the festival season. This is the best part of festival fervor because it brings your creative excellence to work. Your space can only be amplified if you do the magic yourself.

So let us discuss some ceramic-inspired ideas for home décor for the new year which will help add more accent and liveliness to our interiors.

  1. More Crockery Items

Crockery items can be used in various ways to beautify a space. The very purpose of using ceramic plates is to use them for eating but in addition to that, one can use them as simple displays for others to see. The same plates if the designer would add more popping colors to a dull and monotonous room setup or give more texture depending on the color of the crockery. You can display the same in cupboards or on cabinets.


  1. Flower Vases? Yes, Please

If you were wondering how you can add antiquity and sophistication, then ceramic vases could help you in this direction. Add metallic rims and holders to the vases and let them hold beautifully curated flower vases. These look extremely bountiful and have an elegance to them. If you have such flower vases with magical build and exotic designs, don’t bother putting flowers and stalks into them, let them flaunt themselves.

  1. Ceramic Plants?

We know the idea is a little out of place but it will still fit because a lot of creativity goes into creating these items. With some concepts, ceramics are molded to form shapes. These shapes could be anything so they could be plants too. They also are evergreen! Go for cute, colorful, classic cacti with pots or ceramic pots with pasted ceramic flowers and petals. The ideas are tremendous and the list doesn’t end.


  1. Idols

By that we don’t necessarily mean the clique options, they can be as abstract and as obvious as you want them to be. The finish varies from glossy to matte but its mere presence is a beautiful thing to look at. It doesn’t need much work. You can pick your favorite actress or random/abstract faces or bodies and favorite poses and postures built in ceramic and placed wherever you like. They are much sleeker and still have scope for more décor!


  1. Plates For Wall Décor

Bring the exquisite and exotic collection of ceramic plates to everyone’s notice. Get your most special collection of plates of different sizes to hang on the walls in a vintage fashion and also make sure to have a matching backdrop for them. Doing this décor tip away with boring plates will not add anything to the beauty of the walls. Make sure the collection is the prettiest you got so it grabs the attention of the onlookers.

wall decor



So these were the décor tips you can follow for making your house radiant more permanent and glam with ceramic décor items. These ideas will only help if you have a solid collection of ceramics with a fine finish else, they would be more brittle and prone to frequent damage. Anyway, ceramic objects have to be handled carefully. It is the look and reflectivity of the ceramics that do the thing for us. Plus they are available in such an enormous variety that one can never feel satisfied with one’s collection. It is tempting and of course, addictive for home décor shoppers!

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