Adding More Aroma to Your Living Space

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More fragrance is delivered to the corners of your house when the kitchen lights go up. But have you ever considered amplifying the ambiance of your room with just a hint of aroma dripping a little at a time and delivering in multiple folds all day? That’ll be much easier than sweating yourself in the kitchen needlessly. Apart from the usual incense sticks (that create unhealthy smoke) and room fresheners (their aroma fades in a blink, needs constant usage, and empties fast), there are many other easy and safer options that deliver much better results when it comes to filling aroma in your living space. Have a look!


  1. Reeds

These are sticks of rattan that consist of several channels inside its stem. They are dipped in oil and kept in the room. Rattan reed dispatches slow evaporation hence filling the air with the perfume of your choice all day long for many days (consider the thickness, the thicker, the more oil thus consumed). This comes with an undisputable advantage, that it is completely smokeless, unlike incense. It is safer to use with kids around. Explore more home fragrances – Lavender, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Driftwood, etc. are great for living rooms.


  1. Infused Humidifier

Tired of dehydrated skin and a dry nose? Steam comes to our rescue all the time but here is the twist. What if your steam that brings more moisture to your space also brought some fragrance? Seems like a plan, doesn’t it? You are just one cute humidifier away from achieving this. Pour in normal water and put 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil/fragrance oil and see the wonder. Have a cold? Have eucalyptus and tea tree oils by your side. This way you’ll be able to fill in your room with moisture as well as the aroma that is required for the occasion.

Infused Humidifier

  1. Scented Sack

These brown sacks, tied, often made of jute or cotton, contain nothing else but stones heavy with fragrance and you throw them away anywhere you like while they keep working till eternity. These are portable and require none of your attention while revamping your living area quietly. They are child-friendly and pet-friendly too. You can easily hide it anywhere. Feel like your cupboards need freshening up? Throw one sack in the corner and within no time, your cupboard will be back on track.

Scented Sack

  1. Scented Candles

These beauties have a lot to offer in different shapes and sizes. The candles are assorted to fit every homemaker’s needs. They come in different sizes, colors, shapes, fragrances, wax, wick counts, and whatnot! Beware of their alluring jars that twinkle right in the eyes at the very first glance. The makers not only make the jars very attractive but also choose to put accessories around them. No wonder why every visit to a local supermarket brings in a new fragrant friend to the house. Scented candles are so far the most exploited and hugely diversified items in terms of fragrances.

Scented Candles

  1. Scented Potpourri

What color of flowers would you like to choose first? Because there is no end to the options, for all the right reasons. A typical potpourri has dried flowers, twigs, and wooden copies of natural stuff previously soaked in your loved fragrance. You have to take a little out of the lot and keep it open at a place (preferably in a decorative jar or container or bowl). Slowly, the scent will be infused into the air and begin to linger. These are great festive options!

Scented Potpourri

These fragrant additions last longer than you might anticipate. Plus, they accentuate the overall appeal of your room manifolds without making a mess and overwhelming your olfactory receptors. When they are out of fragrance, you can infuse them back with their specific oil (the brands have a separate oil range most of the time). They are super easy to incorporate into your room and come in varied designs (to be used as decorative items). So, enjoy these little nothings, as they secretly make your stay luxurious!

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