Adding a Coastal Farmhouse Effect to the House

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If you like the coast or if you are living by the coast then having a coastal farmhouse vibe to the place can be a good decor theme for your place. You can add some of the elements from this theme to your house to start with the changes. This is a soothing and relaxing decor style where you take the rustic and traditional elements of a farmhouse and incorporate the relaxing and carefree elements of coastal life. There are several things that you can add to the house to make the area feel like a coastal farmhouse. You have to make proper plans before decorating the house so that you can incorporate both of these styles and make them work together. You need to get the rustic plus classic and cool decor elements to work together.

Enhancing the House’s Coastal Farmhouse Effect

1: Pale and Light Hardwood

Pale and light shade hardwood is an important element that you can add to the decor of your house. This is one classic decor element that you can use in both farmhouse and coastal decor and thus can be used in this style. You can use this hardwood for flooring, wooden accents on the walls, dining tables, ceilings, and other areas in the house.

Pale and Light Hardwood

2: Adding Coastal Colors

You can add a coastal touch to the house with the help of coastal colors. These colors would help in creating a wonderfully soothing environment in the house. You can use shades of blue and white and make them work with the wooden and rustic elements of the farmhouse. These colors would look great with the pale wooden accents and furniture used in the house. You can decorate the house with furniture, upholstery, curtains, pillows, cushions, and other things in the house in these colors. Use other shades as well to decorate the house.

Adding Coastal Colors

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3: Addition of Shells

What can be a better way to add a coastal aura to the house than using coastal accents in the space? These accents will add a soothing touch to the house and create a wonderful vibe to the place. There are several items that you can add to the house that would create a coastal vibe such as shells, anchors, beach artworks, macrame, green plants, open air and so much more. A gentle touch of the sea would make your place feel a lot more soothing.

Addition of Shells

4: Rustic Accents

Along with the coastal vibes you have to add farmhouse vibes to the place so that you get the coastal farmhouse feel to the house. You can add some rustic elements to the place such as dried grass, wooden furniture, and rustic frames for photos and mirrors, and get some vintage items that can be ideal to be added to the decor to add the rustic aura to the place.

Rustic Accents

5: Make the Area Spacious

Making the area spacious and bright is common in both styles and thus it is easy to work with it. There are various ways you can make the house feel spacious. You can go for glass walls or can install fresh doors. You can create an open space in the house that would make the area feel larger and airier. Using good lights will make the area brighter. You can use nice lighting fixtures that would allow you to create a bright room and also stylish decor. Go with the ones that are decorated with jute ropes for the style.

Make the Area Spacious

This might look like tedious work to do and the elements in this style might look like they would take a lot of effort to work together and look great in a given space. These two work wonderfully together creating a cool mix of countryside and seaside. Here you get some ideas as to how can you add these styles to the house and make the space look lively and refreshing. Both the elements in this style, the coastal style, and the farmhouse style, have a soothing and refreshing aura to them which in turn creates the same aura in your house. Get started with your decor and convert the look of your house.

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