Accent wall ideas to spruce up your place

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If you want to have some changes in your house without going overboard and to make the room has some energy to it then you can achieve that with some simple and subtle changes. All you need to do is create an accent wall in the house. An accent wall helps create a vibrant and energetic environment in the room. These walls add a new element to the room and provide it with a new personality. You can add some small changes in the room or some big changes with the help of an accent wall. It depends on the design you are going after when decorating the wall.

Some of the ideas you can get inspired from are when you are decorating your wall into an accent wall.
1: Double toned walls

If you want to add some simple and subtle changes to the room without much effort then you can easily add another color to one of the walls and make the wall a double-toned wall. It is a simple way to add a new color to the room and change the tone of the room a little bit. You can use some complimenting colors or some contrasting colors to work on the wall. Create some nice designs on the wall.
2: Ombré walls

Ombre style means having a transition between two or more colors. You can get an ombre wall in your house to add some new elements to the place and to level up the decor. You need to look for the colors you want to have this type of shading with and then get started with it. You can do this by yourself or can even get some professional help. These type of accent walls looks stunning in a bedroom or a kid’s room. Use some soft tones to make a cute design and vibe to the place.
3: Mirror tiles on the whole wall

To make the room look spacious and brighter you can always use some mirrors. Usually, people use a mirror and just hang it or place it in one corner of the room. However, you can take it up a notch and use some mirror tiles and cover an entire wall with these mirrors. This is one of the interesting and unique ways to decorate any wall and make the room look fun and exciting. These mirrors provide you with an illusion of a larger room and make the room look brighter. You can use some mirrors for a small section of the wall or can cover the entire wall with them.
4: Bricks all over the wall

To have a rough look at the room you can use some bricks and decorate the wall with them. It is up to you if you want to keep it simple and rough by not painting the bricks or if you want to add some color to the place. You can paint over the bricks so that there is a new color but at the same time there is this stunning texture that makes the room look beautiful.
5: Wooden panels on the wall

You can also use some wooden panels in the room. You can use some to make rectangles on the wall and then paint over it or you can use some stunning wooden panels and cover the whole wall with them. These panels provide a new texture and a natural element in the room and make the room feel warm and cozy. There are several shades of panels that you can choose from when you are selecting one for your room.
These walls add to the whole decor of the room and make the area feel nice and this small change enhances the whole look of the house. These walls provide new colors and designs to the area without changing many things around. You can add some other changes to the house as you wish as well. There are so many ways to spruce up any room without changing many things in the room. Some small and simple changes can change the whole look of the place. Have some small doable changes in the room to have a nice shift in the room without doing much or spending much.

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