Abstract Paintings That Will Rejuvenate Your Home

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Abstract Art finds a place in everyone’s vision. But to sit down and figure out which one fits and where is a task with numerous outcomes. The ‘abstractness’ that the art offers imply a plethora of interpretations and can easily fall prey to a whimsical parody. Then the question arises, how can abstract art bring out its uniqueness in a home setting while beautifying the space minimally? Here we list 5 different abstract paintings that will rejuvenate your house painlessly.


  1. Leaf Abstract

A go-to organic art is always welcomed. Make it abstract and it feels like a souvenir on a wall. The thing with abstract art is that the onlookers are hooked and come back again to extract the meaning that lies within it even when it is not meant to deliver any! Choose a leaf design close to your heart, maybe that same house plant or just rely on the good old palm leaves scrambled here and there and hang it on the wall without care and watch it add more freshness to your study space. Doesn’t have to be green all the time (can be close to earthy colors) but anyway avoid a green frame here and instead work with very dark/faded frames.

Leaf Abstract

  1. Blur Effect

A very intriguing feature of abstract art, it is designed to fill up the space as it weighs a lot of depth. The art when looked at closely would be hard to interpret as nothing will make sense. It is blurry. But as you move away, the blur pieces assemble in perception and begin to build an image that was otherwise lost in close perception. This is the beauty of an absurdly arranged abstract painting that takes the onlookers’ time and engagement. Because of the talked effect, the painting can be viewed across the width of the room and its meaning won’t be lost. The overall picture comes out clean. Another aspect of this painting can weave together different parts of rather ‘meaningful’ pieces to sum up a more vivid full picture.

Blur Effect

  1. Basic Line Art

Lines everywhere, may make something or may not, but there will be lines across the length and breadth of the canvas, curved or weaved like a matt, going in all possible directions. Most frequently used are the ones in black ink but who are we to talk about rules when it comes to abstract art? There is no paint but lines that ooze refinement, definitely a suitable pick for your otherwise heavy and dull drawing room as it will add clarity and ease to your setup. Line abstract art is so versatile that it feels like a criminal to restrict it to one space when a whole art gallery can be founded out of this brilliant simplicity.

Line Art

  1. Block Color

When colors are blocked by another color abruptly rather than fading into the other through a gradient effect, it is called block art. The ‘blocks’ of different colors so formed can come out in varied shapes and sizes. Since they are playful in character, placing such in a fresh and minimalistic living room or in your kids’ space can be a great idea. Block Art will also allow you to create dedicated spaces in the same room and hence add more variety.

Block Color

  1. Surrealism

This is the wildest pick of all. With surrealism in the picture (pun intended), we add an ordinary thing in an out-of-the-world space. Food replaces the planets in the solar system, gadgets become flying birds and things like that that make no sense but are weird enough to become the haunted feature of your room. It is full of creativity without a doubt. Surrealism is more concept-based, implying that it will garner more and more attention (the more they look at it, the funnier and more sophisticated it’ll get for them!).


Don’t view these painting ideas only in a frame. These can very nicely be drawn into the wall for the ultimate room makeover. Imagine the line art done behind your chic kitchen cupboards. Be open and go wild with abstract art. Add more dynamicity with vivid colors in a big frame that will not only fill up your walls and pour in colors (if used) but also create an eccentric complexion for your room luring your guests!

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