A little introduction to the Baroque style of décor

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The Baroque style is a complex style that is a mixture of different trends from the 1600s and the 1700s. This décor style is all about royalty, glamour, and luxury. This is all about extravagant décors such as sculptures, painted ceiling, expensive crystal chandeliers, exquisite tapestries, mirrors, and everything glamourous and luxurious. There is a huge role of fancy paintings with gold and other metals to show the power and wealth in that era. In present times people are incorporating this style of décor and making their place look lavish and modern both at the same time.

Are you fascinated by this style of décor and want to know the elements that go into the making of this style? If you are, then give a look at the list below to know what are the main elements in a baroque style design.


Color palette

The color palette used in this décor has to be elegant and at the same time luxurious. White, gold, and sometimes some pastel shades such as beige or cream were used to adorn the walls and ceilings. Nowadays a slightly modern touch is added into the color palette of this décor. Some of the shades used in the present times to make it have a royal touch are wine, blue, mocha, gold, pastel pink, and blue. There is this combination of cool and warm tones that are used so as to create the whole lavish yet comfortable vibe.


Elegant furniture

Furniture is given full attention when styling a place in this style. You can go grand and get all the furniture accordingly or get some customized according to your taste. Large furniture such as sofas and couches are famous in this style. Chairs and ottomans are made with velvet and adorned with elements that make the whole item look grand and lavish. King-sized four-poster beds were common in earlier times, now in the modern world, lavish king-sized beds with beautiful beddings minus the four-posters are famous.


Drapes and Curtains

Drapes, long curtains, fringes, and others are very common in this décor. Curtains were usually made up of velvet or silk and adorned with gold threads. This can be extremely expensive in today’s time and people would be able to decorate their place in this style. To avoid this problem the material used today is less expensive and still gives out that extravagant vibe.


Lavish décor accents

To bring out the best, you have to add some accents that will lift the whole look of the room. These accents can make the place look more lavish and elegant. Some of the accents that you can use to decorate your place are golden candlesticks, porcelain vases, frames, beautiful tea sets, figurines, mirrors, clocks, and many more. This style is all about grandeur and art, therefore painting and sculptures play an important part in the décor. You can have the door and window handles in golden or silver color to add to the grand touch.



Grand and expensive lighting is a must in this style. Large, expensive chandeliers adorn the ceiling of old houses and buildings that are built and designed in the baroque style. If you are styling a high ceiling room that goes with a single chandelier with other lamps and candles but if it is a long and big hall then you might need more than one chandelier. Make sure to use soft light as bright lights are not used in this style. Their main focus is on natural light. Use all different shades of light to make a unique look and aura of the place.

You now know a lot about the baroque style of décor and what goes on in decorating a place in this design. You can get help from the list above and redo your place with this style. Get all lavish and grand in decorating the interior of the place. You can also add and mix different styles as well. if you are a minimalist and do not like being all lavish and extravagant too you can use this style as this style is also about symmetry and being elegant. You can use some of the fine touches and make your place alluring. Happy décor!

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