7 Easiest Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

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Having vegetables grown at home always sounds good and satisfying. Satisfying because today most of the vegetables are produced using chemicals and fertilizers which are not only harmful to the environment but our health too. So when going organic way is an option then why to go for something which is inorganic. And also who doesn’t love vegetables which have freshly come from their own garden.

With many options available, there are some vegetable options that are very easy to grow. We’ve rounded up a list of top 5 vegetables that you can grow in your garden.


Tomatoes are one of those vegetables which you may have seen nearly in everybody’s home as it is an easy one to grow. Whether you plant it in a container or a garden that doesn’t matter as long as it gets the desired sunlight for its growth. Just make sure to feed it the right way, for all those delicious fruits to pop.

tomatoes usually take 60-100 days to harvest and are best planted during summers. They are available in different varieties and cherry tomatoes are the easiest to grow.


Potatoes are cool-season vegetables and that is why they are grown best during the winter season. The plantation is done on the basis of local weather. You can easily grow them using potatoes kept at your home which have started budding. And if you have plenty of space in your backyard you can put that it to best use by growing potato plants. They usually take 60-100 days depending on the variety of potato grown.


It is one of the best-grown vegetables during winters. Known for its high nutritional value, spinach is the healthiest option to grow in your garden. You can plant it either using a spinach leaf or by sowing the seeds, the choice is yours.

They take 30-50 days to harvest and are adaptable to different cold temperatures.


Just like others, cucumber is also an easy vegetable to grow. They make for a great salad, and if you don’t like it on salad you can make a pickle out of it which almost everybody loves. They are heat-loving crop so make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. Along with sunlight ascertain that it gets the right kind of support as they are basically a vine so they will need some support to climb on.

They are best grown during summers and usually take 40-60 days to harvest.


Known for being prolific, zucchini is another one of the easiest vegetables to grow. They prefer good moisture and warm soil for its growth and sunlight is their best friend. They can be easily grown by sowing seeds in warm soil.

Just like cucumber, they take 40-60 days to harvest.


Green beans make for a nice side dish at any dinner table, and there can be nothing better than growing one in your garden. From pole beans to bush beans, they are available in many different types. As pole beans come with vines, they will need some support to grow whereas bush beans don’t require any kind of support. You can choose whatever your personal preference is. They grow the best in summers with plenty of sunlight and usually take 40-60 days to harvest.


Not everybody loves radish, but it can be considered as the easiest vegetable to grow. Veggies that come with roots are usually pretty easy to grow and it being one of those. They can be directly sown into the ground or a container and you can use seeds too. They usually take 60-80 days to harvest.


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