5 Ways To Setup A Perfect Backdrop For Professional Video Calls

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Work from home is a new phase and during this phase, the only way we bring back the office is through video calls. Well, we all are experts in video calling but professional video calls, we all suck at it badly!

Setting up the backdrop for your video calls with the boss is very tricky. We mean we all look for the corners in our house that give the video session a professional feel. But, our homes are not to be blamed as they are not our office. So, here we’ve put together 5 simple ways that will help in pulling off your video calls with a nice, sleek, and professional background.

So, if you want to know what you can do with your background, well, then keep on reading!


Pick The Corner

Now, you must be confused about what corner to pick for your next meeting and if that’s the case, well, then we are here to ease your difficulty. Look for the corner where the natural sunlight falls straight.

The natural sunlight gives perfect lighting conditions for video calling and makes your video sessions appear more natural. And, since it’s a professional video session you can’t use yellow or fluorescent lights.


Add Plants or Flowers

One thing you can add to your backdrop is green plants that render an impactful backdrop for your video calls. Not only it gives a contemporary background but also induces energy, channelizes positive thoughts, and aids breathing.

Plants are the easiest and instant way to pump up your background for video calls without making it appear as if overdone. And, the best part is without thinking of any color scheme these natural decorations can be played with any wall color or design.


Showcase Your Books

Professional video calls and books section as your backdrop, you’re on the correct line. Bookcases just go well with the professional video call theme and give an impression of you being an intellectual person. And, you know what’s the best part of choosing this background is you can pick the titles you want others to notice or through the titles you can covey really well. So, place up your favorite books in the front row and you’re all done with the background.

Make sure you have a few books on the display as they might look distracting.


Keeping The Background Simple

One thing you can do with your background is to do nothing! Yes, sometimes keeping things very simple works really very well. If you don’t want to do anything you can keep your background simple. Sometimes, when we tend to decorate our backdrops and we overdo and it turns out to be a bit distracting. For instance, you hanging your family photographs or hanging too much stuff on the walls.

So, the best would be not to do anything and keep your background simple and plain, and in that way, you can keep the distractions off the screen.


Say No To Window Backgrounds

Picking windows as your backdrop for professional video calls is a big no-no! Not only it makes your video sessions a bit distracting but also renders too much backlight. Too much backlight ruins your video quality and makes you appear blurred. So, avoid picking window panels as your background.

Always keep your background one-colored and plain. This is the aesthetic feature you add to your video calls and plays a huge role in making your video calls productive.

One thing to be kept in mind is to always look for indoor spaces at your home and not sit at the balcony or in the garden area.

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