5 Ways To Revamp Your House During Lockdown

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We all had planned so much to do this year. All our summer plans have been halted and we’re confined in our homes, for don’t know how long. As we’re at home, why not refresh our home and make it a much better place to live during this lockdown.

Since some of us have lost our jobs, some are going through pay cuts, and some are not sure about their job, we’re here with some home revamp ideas that will cost you less than a dime. Without investing in expensive furnishing or going under construction you can refresh your home.

So, if you want to know how, stay tuned with us!



The easiest and reasonable way to revamp your house is to add a few planters or just vent out for gardening. Its summertime! And, it’s the best time to execute a gardening project.  Not only do plants look appealing but there are other endless reasons too that will straightaway compel you to grow.

A garden will help in purifying air, boost positivity, and you’ll spend absolute time growing different plants. And, plus you can grow tomato, curry leaves, green chilies, and in that way you’ll get organic kitchen ingredients. If you don’t have much space adding a few planters is equally good.


Make Family Collage

Do you have empty walls that make your house dull? Well, then, the best way to amp up your walls, is to hang a DIY family collage. Not only you’ll step back in time each time you’ll see the walls but with the DIY family collage, you can show your creativity.

So, sit together select your favorite memories and hang them the way you want. So, each time you see the wall you feel happy and energized.


Painting Project

Do you’ve leftover paints lying in your storeroom? It’s the best time to take them out and re-paint your walls. Colors add a huge impact on your mood and also completely refurbish the look of your house.

Since we’re at home and have enough time, then why not utilize it properly? And, we guess painting is the best way that will not make you feel bored plus you’ll refresh your home, isn’t it great? Although painting is all professional work by doing a little bit of research you can raise the look of your house.


Rearrange Your Furniture

During this time, creating space in your house is very important. As you create more space in your house you’ll draw fresh air into your house. For a quick change and to bring out more space rearrange your furniture. When you keep your furniture the same for a long time it blocks energy so by rearranging your furniture you’ll release the blocked energy. So, trash the furniture you don’t require and by bringing out more space you can even have a corner to set up a home workout or even set up a home office.


Set Up A Comfy Corner

While you’ll rearrange the furniture of your living room, you even bring out space for a comfy corner. Pick the bright corner of your living room or even bedroom and create a comfy space that you can lie while reading your favorite book or even while binge-watching.

Add a rug, throw some pillows, place aside stool, add fairy lights, and if you want to hang paintings. The best part is you can customize your corner the way you want.

So, these were a few easy ideas that will give a quick refresh to your home making it a better place to spend your lockdown.

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