5 Ways to Inculcate Wood in Your Bedroom

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Woods are an evergreen concept. You can hardly mess it up (unless the mites begin with their might). They now come in so many different shades to match your design and help reflect earthiness in the classiest possible ways. Woodwork, nevertheless, has to be maintained carefully, especially during wet weather. But it is all worth it is a magical minimum element that is used to design a room. When carefully aligned with elite glass and delicate showpieces, it can bring the dark and warm ambiance out of the room. This can be an attractive feature of your drawing room that will ‘draw’ everyone in as they crave a luxe stay.


  1. Bookshelf

Hungry for a little personal library? Look no further. Embed a few nails here and there and fix the fanciest wooden shelf onto the wall. Here you can keep your favorite novels, files, magazines, comics, or even your lengthiest notes that you need to grab while you are headed to college. This bookshelf could be better fixed near your study. This way you bring little wood into your haven without fuss while also making your bedroom fuller with its sturdy outlook. So, while you sleep like a princess the fairy tales sing their melody in your ears.


  1. TV Panel

Wooden behind-the-TV panels are glorious additions to your bedroom when it comes to filling the space and achieving a beige-toned interior. Based on your concept, switch between lighter or darker woods. The panel comes fluted (appears in vertical or horizontal strips) and also with racks where your magazines, remote, files, and showpiece may find a home. Vary in sizes accordingly. Again 2 different shades can be fitted with a color block mechanism and can be combined well with whites and sufficient scone lighting.

TV Panel

  1. Cupboard

Cupboards do take up a lot of space in a typical bedroom and closet. Hence, it is important to select a suitable build and color for them. When done in wood, they scream elegance.  The sleek and shredded wooden texture adds more flavor to a sober bedroom. A deeper color promises more vibrancy. The cupboard doesn’t need much detailing when done in a hefty. This is a cool way of incorporating wood in your room but only when you don’t have an almirah/closet and a cupboard is your only space for storage. Set a dressing mirror in between as per your requirement.


  1. Bedside Table

Who doesn’t fancy a cute little bedside table, filling in the space with its quiet and anonymous presence? It is dynamic, meaning, can be made out of anything and everything under the sun and it is multi-purpose too! It ensures more impact when used for keeping a vase or books, telephone, or diary. A bedside table when combined with glass creates a high-toned sphere. Be cautious about what size you should choose, as it will determine the overall appeal of your bedroom.

Bedside Table

  1. Flooring

What else should you choose when none of the above work well? The answer is straightforward yet enriching – Wooden flooring. It is a sight to behold. The riveting charm has a huge fan base. Rarely has it ever happened to someone that they were cringed out by this concept. This is absolutely everyone’s favorite. Wooden flooring not only helps you achieve subtle denser looks in your room but also is weather-friendly, not too cold, not too warm. Let yourself loose with this comfortable and easily replaceable flooring!


Woodwork is a much-loved concept. Vivid, away from artificiality. However, it needs its share of attention. Pest control is your best friend. Ditch the wet mop and have them cleaned dry and dusted off with a cloth instead. It is so diversified that it works easily with its differently-hued wooden counterparts, glass, mirrors, and metalwork. It is part of nature that embeds in itself every invention made for the material world. Enhance your bedroom with these additions and feel the character building.

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