5 Ways To Bring Out More Space In Small Apartments During Lockdown

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With the pandemic, the purpose of our home has been changed.  Not only it is the place where we live but also from where we’re working and our kids are attending their schools.

The phase of work from home and school at home poses great difficulties for the ones who are living in small apartments. Obviously, we can’t reconstruct our homes but with a few changes we can bring out more space.

If you’re looking to puff up space, we have fetched some really simple and basic ideas that will help in bringing out more space so that you can perform multitasks without feeling cramped.


Rearrange Furniture

The way you arrange your furniture also affects the space of your home. If you want to bring out more space in your home, you need to know how to arrange your furniture. So, rearrange your furniture and induce more space to your apartment.

  • Utilize The Corners

Even if you’ve to push your sofas or bed more towards the windows you can do so. Utilizing every corner that wasn’t utilized earlier will help you in creating space and you’ll find enough space to work.


Maximize Storage

If you haven’t invested in furniture that has in-built storage, you’ll understand now why you should have?

In built-storage furniture help you to store everything in one place and that helps in drawing out more space. Investing in these types of furniture is a great bang for bucks especially for small apartments.

So, in case you don’t have the in-built storage furniture you can use the space beneath your bed to store a large chunk of items that you don’t require much and are using your space. You can also hang some of the stuff and create out more space.



Another instant way to bring space to your small room is by de-cluttering all the unnecessary stuff, you don’t require and is taking up space unnecessarily.

Clean your house and look for the things that you don’t use and throw them out. Extra stuff isn’t just taking up space but is also blocking the energy of your house. The stuff you don’t use much at your home attracts the energy and since you’re not using it there is no flow of energy and the energy is blocked. So, clean all the mess and bring out space and energy to your home.


Make the Most of Your Corners at home

Look for the corner that you can make your workspace. We mean, while creating an ideal workspace at home you require a quiet place and a place that offers perfect lighting. So, making your window corners as your workspace would be great as that will not only help you in having a private space but will also offer natural light and make you feel happy while working.

Add cushions to the window sitting and you have a perfect space to work without even feeling that your apartment is small.


Use walls

You can also hang shelves onto the walls to store your important files and books. Another quick hack would be to have a hanging desk for your office works. You can fix a standing desk at the wall and use it as your workspace. And, in that way, you don’t have to sit and would also not gain weight isn’t that great?

You can always look for such innovative ideas keeping in mind the space you have. Our homes are built differently so do what works best for you.

So, these were a few simple ideas we hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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