5 Genius porch decoration ideas

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Having a front porch at your house means you will be getting some extra space to put all that decoration stuff in. After all, a front porch is the first thing that most people see while visiting somebody’s houses. So it obviously has to look welcoming and in its best state. Painting it nice surely looks good enough but it doesn’t feel very complete and homey.

A decorated porch is basically a gateway to feeling all relaxed and calm. So having it decorated nice, adds more personal touch to the entryway and it also helps in reflecting your style and personality. By adding just the right pieces and elements to the porch you can actually change the whole vibe of it.

To give you some inspiration, we have listed 5 decoration ideas that can elevate the look of your house.


You may have seen a lot of swings hanging in the back porch, but that is too mainstream. Go ahead with some experimentation, and hang a swing in the front porch of your house, but only if it has ample space to hang in. It not only feel very cozy and functional, but also provides equal relaxation to the person sitting on it. To add some extra cozy factor to it, you can put some cushions and pillow over it.

It can literally become your favorite go-to spot to spend your morning in.


We all have seen rooms with accent walls, so why not use the very same idea on our porches too. This idea is best put to use when dealing with limited space. You can make quite a statement by incorporating these to the walls. Create an accent wall by hanging or putting plants on boarded slants attached vertically to the wall.


Add greenery to any corner of your house and it is only going to look good and refreshing. If you want to add a touch of greenery to the porch, then nothing can beat all those potted plants. You can literally create a small garden in front or back porch of your house. To make them stand out, opt for containers of different styles and colors.

Either go all same with the color palette or keep it all colorful by opting for plants and flowers of different colors and types. Just make sure you place them at the right spot as different plant calls for different growing conditions and take proper care of them.


This comes off as a nice DIY. If you have some old suitcases stacked in your storage, then this is where you can put them to use. In case if they have got a little oxidized or any sort of that, you can polish or color paint them to make it look more polished and presentable. Adding them to your porch near your door will give in major vintage vibes.


Nothing adds a more personal touch to the space than a DIY. Sometimes even adding a single piece of art or any other décor feels better than anything else. You can always choose to add a piece bought from the market, but adding a DIY feels more personal and better.

You can DIY many of the décor items, for example, use a portion of your garden fence and paint it any color you want. Then stick some decoration pieces like flowers to it. You can also hand write a welcome sign on it. After completing the decoration, either hang it on the wall or keep it somewhere around the door. And put a nice flower pot aside it to make it look put together.

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