5 Different types of headboards for bedroom

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When it comes to choosing a bed for your bedroom, a lot of factors and considerations go into it  while deciding on one. And one of such factors is the headboard. In previous times, not a lot of people used to opt for a headboard but today it has gained popularity as well the importance. Call them for their functionality or an ability to spice up the bedding, having a headboard has become a necessity. While there are some beds that come without a headboard and there are also some that already have a headboard attached to it. If the bed already comes with a headboard then that’s well and good and if not you will have to look for the options and pick the one that suits your style and comfort. Headboards come in all different styles and materials, from leather headboards to wooden headboards, they come in all.

To give you an idea about some of the headboards we have listed a few of them that you can attach to your bed.

1. Wooden headboards

Wooden headboards are one of the most popular and quintessential classic choices to add to your beds. Wooden frames come in all different varieties of material and are considered to be the most versatile frame choice. They can easily be stained, painted or mixed with different metals and elements to create a design of your choice that matches the décor of your room. They often give this luxurious and elegant feel to the bedroom and a simple sleek lined frame is considered to be the best choice for a modernized space.

2. Leather headboards

While leather headboards may turn out to be the most expensive choice but they definitely are worth purchasing if given the right environmental conditions in the bedroom. They are the most preferred material choice after wood when it comes to furniture. They are usually made from leather materials and offers great durability as long as they are properly looked after. While there are many good things about having a leather headboard but there are also some consequences of having them such as they can easily get damaged due to extreme heat exposure and also if there isn’t a lot of ventilation present inside the room.

3. Metal headboards

Metal headboards have become quite a popular choice amongst the crowd. They are mainly manufactured using iron but other materials like brass, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are also used in its making. They give a very modern yet antique feel to the room due to their carvings into different styles and designs. And if used the right bed frame they can actually help in opening up the space a bit more. However, they are quite delicate in nature and should be looked after really well in order to prevent rusting and deterioration in quality. You can also choose to paint it in the color you want but it can also result in some early corrosion and chipping. So it’s better to keep metal headboards in their natural state.

4. Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards will remain the most luxurious choice when it comes to choosing a bed frame for a modernized bedroom. They give all the right feel of elegance, luxury, and comfort altogether and give the bedroom a very sophisticated yet beautiful look. They come in all different styles, designs, and materials. They can be rectangular, square, round, and arched in shape. However, rectangular-shaped headboards are the most popular and favorite choice amongst the users. From buttoned headboards to padded ones, you can pick a style that suits your aesthetic.

5. Wall-mounted headboards

Wall-mounted headboards are considered to be the smartest and classiest choice to add to your bedroom. They look very elegant and help in freeing up the space that some other headboards tend to take. They are known to be compatible with all the bed frames. They also help in doubling up the storage space that you can use to put some shelvings or drawers.

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