5 best types of cabinet for your bathroom

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No matter how beautiful the entire house looks, but if the bathroom doesn’t come up with a nice modern cabinet, then that would be quite a bummer and may also be a dealbreaker for you. Today, having cabinets in the bathroom has become as important as having any other furnishing piece which you can not do without. The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house which should come with all the basic amenities. Be it for storing things or for other functional uses, having a cabinet is a must as it serves so much purpose. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or just want to update it a little bit, look no further than adding an attractive cabinet to it. It will be worth all your investment and will also prove to be beneficial in regards to both functional as well as aesthetic aspects. And when it comes to choosing a cabinet style for yourself, you may find a whole range of materials, colors, texture, sizes, and finishes to choose from. You can go with the cabinet that will go well with your other decor pieces and the whole vibe and layout of that space, keeping your personal aesthetic in mind.

Louvered style cabinets

If you are a person who is a big fan of timeless, ageless, evergreen or whatever style you would like to call it, then there can be no better option for you than this louvered styled cabinet. These slatted cabinets are constructed using the slats that are closely placed next to each other and not overlapped, which further creates a little gap or spacing between the slats that allow the ventilation. If you are looking for cabinets that come with ventilation, then this is the perfect option for you to add to your bathroom. Another great thing about this cabinet style is it never goes out of fashion and always adds a stylish element to the space.

Flat style cabinets

A flat style cabinet is an affordable option for people who want to go a little light on the budget. Their simplistic yet stylish designing is what makes them set apart, which can easily be used in industrial, contemporary as well as modern decor themed bathrooms. They are usually manufactured using wood or budget-friendly laminate. The hardware and the little detailings used on the cabinets are also very simple yet elegant. You can find these cabinets in many different colors and finish. For people who are looking for an affordable and stylish cabinet for their bathroom, you can safely rely on this cabinet style.

Inset style cabinets

Inset style cabinets are a little heavier on price, and they have all the right reasons to be so, as the level of craftsmanship required to make the cabinets, the drawers, and the drawer headers need a lot of precision. The drawers of the cabinets are cut with laser-sharp precision so that they could properly fit in the cabinet and look very neat and precise. Another reason for them being costly is their high-quality material&making and highly durable nature, which will make this piece stay with you for a very long time. Such a cabinet style usually works well in traditional as well as transitional styled bathrooms and may not work equally amazing with other decor themes.

Custom style cabinets

As the name suggests, this style of cabinets involves every bit of input from the customer’s side, which is then designed accordingly as per their preferences. Be it the finish, size, material, shapes, cut, angles or any other thing, the customer can have the full freedom to get it customized in his/her style. This is a great option for people who want their designings to be reflective of their styles and personality. And due to so many good things about this cabinet style, many people prefer to go with it when they aren’t able to find a piece that fulfills all the needs.

Beadboard style cabinets

Beadboard style cabinets have been in the market since ages. Besides being functional, it also makes for a great decorative piece to add to your bare, mundane walls. It adds an element and an interesting effect to the walls, which in turn makes them pop out. This cabinet style offers both intricate detailing and color accents, which makes it an extremely elegant piece to add to your bathroom space. We would like to describe this cabinet style in one statement and i.e. Beauty with function.

They make for a perfect piece to add to country cottage, farmhouse, and eclectic decor themed house.

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