5 Best herbs you can grow indoors

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Growing herbs in your house can be a gentle reminder to everyone that it can make a big and effective difference in your lifestyle. Once you get used to the idea of growing them indoors, there will be no looking back after that. Whether using them to enhance the taste of food or to add them in tea for additional punch, herbs can be of great use when utilized correctly. So if you are planning to grow plants inside of your house, then there can be no better start to it than growing herbs. And believe us; they will change your life for good. The best thing about herbs is they don’t need any kind of special treatment for growth; in fact, much like most of the plants, they thrive best in good lighting and plenty amount of water.

There are a plethora of herbs options available in the market; you can pick the ones that are easiest to grow from young plants. To help you pick the right herbs for your home, we have rounded up a list of 5 different herbs that will keep your kitchen supplied with all different varieties.


Basil is one of those herbs that is used worldwide in different foods like salad, sauces, sandwiches, etc. It is an ideal choice to grow indoors as it is not only easy to grow, but it also serves more purposes than just one. You can either use plant seeds or young plants to pot them in a container containing rich organic potting soil. It thrives best in bright light and warm weather, so it will be perfect if you place the pot in the south or west-facing window. Moreover, you will need to be extremely careful during winters as cool drafty spots can hinder its growth. To ensure a steady supply, keep putting the plant seeds in the potter every few weeks.


It is a popular Mediterranean shrub that is filled with flavors and is mostly used in soups and stews. The fresh leaves are either plucked from the plant and are used then and there only or they are firstly harvested from bigger plants and then are stored to dry. It is believed that the oldest leaves exude the strongest flavor. Hence, they are used this way. You can grow this plant in fast-draining soil and also make sure to place it in the east or west-facing window. Also, don’t overcrowd the area where this plant is placed as it thrives best in well air circulated areas to help prevent diseases.


Chives are another strong-flavored herb that adds spikiness to the food and also makes for a pretty garnishing. These are used in their natural and fresh state. One way to grow it indoor is by potting the purchased plant in a potter containing rich, organic soil, and the other way is only possible if you already have one of these plants in your garden. Just when the growing season ends, you can dig up a clump of chives and replant them in a container. Then allow the leaves to die back by placing them in a cold area for a few days. Once the winter season has arrived, you can place it in the brightest area of your house.


Much like many other herbs, rosemary also plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste of food like chicken, pork, soups, potato, etc. The earthy fragrance it exudes can help you get the feel of warm weather during winter. You can grow this plant by potting it in moist soil and let it sit there until the roots start developing, and once it’s rooted, then you can put the plant in a south-facing window. Although it prefers hot, summery weather during summers, it can also thrive in winters as long as it is getting plenty amount of light.


Thyme thrives best in bright and sunny light. You can place it in the east or west-facing window for better growth and development. Besides being a great food enhancer, it also helps in elevating the overall appeal of the house. You can pot this plant in a fast-draining soil mix and place it in a well-lit area where it can get plenty amount of light.

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