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Most of us have transformed our basement into a home theatre. However, there are a few who have converted their living room into such spaces. The two spaces need different sort of sofa looks. However, apartments haven’t had many options, but getting these comfortable chairs can make a huge difference in the way you watch television. Now, if your living room functions for more than TV watching, like office work, or reading time. These sofas can offer the most relaxed comfort; they are versatile and friendly with your room decor. Apart from that these sofas come in colors and luxury looks that you won’t see them as theatre chairs. They will be your favorite lie down spot at your home. Since we have said so much about these sofas, let’s get on to its feature in detail. What makes them your one-stop destination and why chose them?


Obviously, when you wish to spend on the luxury items you wish to see the variety, the options and get the one that best suits you. The 4 seating has a range of products to offer you comfort at your home. If we talk about the fabric that they have used to cover these sofas are of uncompromising quality. You have got Cavallo Fabrics and leathers. You can order free samples if you are not sure of the quality of the fabric being used. You can order more than one fabric sample and chose the one you find durable and long-lasting. If you want to check the sustainability period of a particular fabric then you can check it by visiting the material section on their website.

Sound Shaker

In the time of 5D why settle for ordinary recliners. Go for the fancy sound shaker. So what do these sound shakers do? They pass certain sensations to your body while you are watching your favorite TV show or an adventurous movie. We all love the dramatic sound effect in all the action movies. When you feel the on-screen trembling earth during an earthquake or some of the drama emotions such as a heartbeat while watching the series you have another level of experience. You connect to the content in the movie. This all is made possible with the help of these sound shakers. Since people suffering from a panic attack or heart issues cannot use these chairs so not all of them come with these features. If you are interested you can set a filter and get these for you.

Customized Sofas

Most of these sofa chairs are equipped with memory foam, which is rather flexible foam. These can be molded into any shape and once the pressure is removed they regain their shape again. So you can choose to sit in any posture you like, it will give not take your body shape but support each body part. If you sweat a lot then they have got the cool gel memory form sofas. You have got options with the type of foam you want them to use, the fabric you want, which color cup holders you want, and the color of the fabric. It is basically a customized sofa for you.

Electronic Feature

With these sofas, you get a USB portable charger plug-in, reading lights, an accessory Pod, and the LED cup setting. Unlike most of the recliner, these Led cup holder can easily carry any large to medium size cup without it being titled towards the other side. Besides if you order a set of three, you will get light in the center chair which could be moved in right or left directions. These can be rotated at an angle of 180 degrees. You get a charging plug to charge heavy objects like laptops, tabs, etc. These features are only with the three sitters, the love seat does have a few in these but the charging plug is with the three sitters.

Optional Accessories

With the sofa set, you get the option of adjustable side accessories. You can get things like wine holders, tablet holders, or mobile holders. You even get the option of a 360-degree rotational laptop table. You get options with the flat table one is simple and another one has an inbuilt cordless charger. This charger is compatible with most of the renowned brand phones. When turned on it will have a blue light as soon as you place the phone, the light turns green which means your phone has begun to charge. The reading lights have been designed with perfection it has a solid base which is about two inches long and the rest of the wire is bendable. You can place it flat, or bend it at the desired height. The neck pillow is another awesome feature. If you are going for prolonged hours of watching TV or laptop work then this pillow will be an efficient tool to invest. It can be adjusted in any sofa chair; you can just push it in the seat and have a comfort cushion supporting your neck as well as the head.

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