4 Easy Room Décor Ideas You Can Try During The Lockdown

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While we’re stuck at home, why not utilize the time in refurbishing our bedroom? Let this free time inspire you to do some creativity that you never did before. We don’t know how long we have to be at home? So, why not make each corner of your home look fresh and amped up and let us begin with turning up our bedroom first.

In the feed, we have compiled a few simple and easy ideas that will instantly freshen up your bedroom and you’ll enjoy doing these ideas.


Rearrange The Furniture

The instant way to add freshness to your room is to rearrange the furniture. By changing the position of your bedroom furniture you can easily create a whole new space. Not only the rearrangement will add newness to your bedroom but will also release the blocked energy.

When we don’t change the furniture of our house for a long time, it tends to block the energy and by simply rearranging all the furniture regularly we make sure the energy flows throughout the house making the house a positive place. The flow of energy is really important especially during such a hapless time.


Add Planters

Air circulation is really important in the bedroom. So, if you haven’t incorporated a few plants into your bedroom space, you have enough time to do so during the lockdown.

Not only do plants add an amazing decoration to your space but also help in purifying the air and improving air circulation. Plants also improve the night’s rest as you get fresh air that reduces stress, negativity, and anxiety thus you get nights of better sleep. Scented plants are also a great option to pick as they’ll add a very pleasing and natural fragrance to your space.


Clean And Declutter

We all have compiled such stuff that we don’t require and takes up much of the space making your bedroom narrow. So, induce space to your bedroom simply by cleaning all the stuff that you don’t require.

Get rid of the things that are unnecessary and organize all the stuff properly so that your bedroom looks less messy and clean. A clean and tidy space acts as fuel for positivity and thus this is something you should definitely do during this lockdown. This minimal effort will bring out space in your bedroom and also restyle your bedroom.


Try Out Some DIYs

Here, we’re sharing some simple bedroom decor DIY ideas that you can easily use to restyle your bedroom.

  • Modify The Lampshade

Let’s start by changing your lampshade. The same old lampshade is making your space a bit dull and boring so with this easy modification you can brighten up your bedroom. How about painting your lampshade into a bright hue? Dig out your preferred paint color, roll your sleeves up, and let’s get started!

  • Decorate Your Cushions

Another simple way to transform your bedroom space is to restyle your cushions. The same old cushions can make the visual appearance of your room weary so this simple fix will be lit up your bedroom instantly.

Add pom-poms, other craft items such as mirrors, or frills to the cushions and you add a refreshing change to space.

  • Make Some Wall Art

Collect all your favorite pictures and hang them on the wall. To enhance the pictures you can paint or simply put on lights. Each time you’ll look at the wall some great memories will fill you with happiness.

So, these were a few simple ideas that you can opt for to change your bedroom. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help to you!

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